Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Why I Could Never be an Attorney Part Deux

My Fair Lady spoke to me earlier this afternoon about how her law school's Gay & Lesbian Alliance held a meeting to protest the JAG from coming onto campus and interviewing people for a prospective career in desert legal manuevers. Apparently, the G&LA has a problem with the military's historically less-than-favorable views on same-sex couples, and as such want to, ahem, bar the JAG from coming anywhere near the campus. In response, the JAG (and the federal government, by proxy) has threatened to suspend any and all federal funds from not only My Fair Lady's law school, but all other law schools who want to enact the same anti-JAG ban. Were I a judge and I heard this case in my court, my response would be the following:

"You're both wrong, you're both in violation of the Constitution, STFU and get out of my court. Oh, and you're both paying for lunch."

Thinking like this is probably why I'm about as close to joining the Supreme Court as the guy who lives by the supermarket and talks to the nearest wall.

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