Friday, August 5, 2005

Parting Sorrows

In accordance with my boss-rant last night, I'd like to chime in and bitch for a second at my bosses because they canned a buddy of mine this afternoon. The way the organization worked is this: It grew quickly and included starting up our own advertising agency with a grand total of four people, and a few months later the CEO decided he didn't want it anymore. But simply shutting it down and canning the agency employees would have been too simple. He decided to do it one at a time all while fighting against the lady who headed the agency, who to be fair was an extreme control-freak bitch not unlike my current boss. The difference being she butted heads with the CEO instead of being his personal sock puppet.

BTW - I will henceforth call my direct boss Socko.

Anyway, my buddy Clint, the agency's graphic designer and a damn good one, was let go today. He'd only been the designer on the artwork for five of the current projects I was working on, and his fucking useless superior, the "creative director," who makes a lot more than Clint does, remains on staff. The "creative director"'s idea of designing graphics is telling the person who's actually created them, "I don't know... something's off." The designer will make a small change and then the boss signs off on it, and the "creative director" accepts the credit.

Such are the ways of insulting the workers at my company.

I would laugh at how management-heavy this organization has become if it wasn't so tragic. The nimrods at the top think their idea of saving money is to stripmine the staff and pile on the work under the auspice of "future hirings" and still expect us to not only agree to it, but to actually beg for more.

I don't recall signing on for so much dumbassery when I jumped to this company. It'd be one thing if I was well-paid and had quality insurance, but since neither is true I'm forced to look in the mirror and wonder what I'm still doing there. I actually had a relaxing weekend planned, and now it's looking like a good time to update my resume and job hunt. The longest I've worked at a company is close to two years, and I've only been here since April of last year, 2004. When I started, I genuinely wanted to stay and contribute as much as possible. Considering I'm not even listened to by Socko, who insists I should learn how best to help out despite everyone telling me that they neither need my help nor have anything more to teach me about their jobs, and I'm by and large shunted into the "fix my PC!" IT-guru roll I so desperately wanted to leave, I've found exactly zero reasons to stay.

When people were let go about a year ago and before that, they always said the people were the best part of working for the company. Considering the company seems to go out of its way to can all the quality people, what exactly will we be left with in the next six months as the remaining elements of the production department all quit in digust?


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