Friday, July 21, 2006

Reason #463 To Always Have Tools Handy

So I go to the local Chevron this morning and pick up a regular 20 Oz. Dr. Pepper. Personally I prefer the taste of the bottled kind to the can kind, but that's just me. I get back to the office and run into my first obstacle. I can't get the dang thing open.

I twist and I turn and I tear up the skin on my right hand but that blasted bottle cap remains solidly in place. I then switch to sneaky mode and crack the plastic ring underneath the bottle cap thinking that may help. No dice. I then look around the office for anything resembling a vice or a pair of pliers.

All I find is a whole lotta nadda. So what's the next obvious stop?

The admin's office so he can call up the engineering crew in the back of the building so they can bring in the big gun tools. Yes, all for a soda.

At this point it's become a personal crusade to open that blasted bottle. I expect when I get it back I'll have nary a drop left in it, but at least the seal will have been defeated. I'm all about sacrificing my pride for the greater good here.

So let this be a lesson to you boys and girls: Always have a pair of pliers handy because you never know when the Dr. Pepper Company is going to hire Hercules on as a temp worker in their bottling plant. It pays to be prepared.


  1. Wimp! ;-)

    Actually, I've found that the very best tool for opening stubborn bottles and jars is the rubber band they use in hosptials when drawing blood. Wrap that around the lid, then twist. It grips onto the lid a lot better than your skin does. And saves your skin in the process...

    If you don't have a ready supply of those handy (maybe I'm a little unusual), there are actually some rubber jar openers on the market that do the same trick.

  2. Ditto.. WIMP! Too bad I wasn't present to see you pre- morning Dr. Pepper ... trying to get the damn thing open. It's bad enough to talk to you before you've had your morning DP but trying to tolerate you in the midst of cracking the cap.. Hell no!! lol Now THAT would have been classic.

    I usually bang the jars, bottles or whatever on the edge of counters or tables while twisting the object in circles so that all the way around it gets loose.. then voila! Add that trick to your book but the rubber jar openers are genius.