Monday, July 10, 2006


Okay then, so it's been a good long while since I've been around. Not worry though, things have changed dramatically in the last month (and change) and all for the better. For the busier to be sure, but for the better none the less. Take this afternoon for example when I pwned the former IT admin of my new job:

The story of how I ended up at my new gig is a fascinating one that shall be relayed forthwith in another post. For the matter at hand, accept that I now and the Director of IT at a start-up production company in North Texas. The former IT guru was canned the week before last after six months of sitting on his butt doing absolutely nothing. As the days go on I become increasingly convinced that he fixed his mother's computer once and followed that with a declaration to the world that he was an IT Man.

Sadly, this condition is far too frequent in the IT industry. People assume that since you work in IT that, much like auto mechanics, you must know exactly what it is you're talking about since they themselves are ill equipped to detect when said IT gurus are talking out of their asses. This new company will have several websites dedicated to its client base over the course of the next few years, yet they remained unable to get the first one up after months of "trying."

I use the quotes on that last word because it took me all of 15 minutes today on the phone with the host company's tech support to get the site up and running. I also learned the difference between an actual directory and a virtual directory, received a crash course in Microsoft IIS, and now know how to setup and route websites on this server in the future.

In short, I totally pwned this asshat and can now do pretty much whatever I want in the company. So, to recap:

Asshat = At company for six months, unable to establish web site and wastes money buying unneccesary tech toys.

Yours Truly = At company for four days and has IT inventory completed, website up and running, and a plan for the department's direction.

You see that smile on my face? Ear-to-ear, baby.

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