Sunday, April 9, 2006

Yogurt - Not Just For Snacking

My Fair Lady spent a month last summer studying abroad in the Greek isles as part of her law school program. During her many experiences (some good, some not so much) she realized that her naturally pale skin burns quite easily under the Mediterranean sun and was without any aloe vera gel. Someone thought quickly and applied yogurt to the burns then thoughtfully took a picture of it.

Should said picture ever surface on the interwebs, my face will soon surface on a milk carton so let the understanding be that it was a funny, funny shot.

While I spent the afternoon taking down the Tatalgia family in The Godfather My Fair Lady played golf with her brother The Cowboy. I failed to notice her arms when she walked in for burned to a crisp they were. Naturally she waits until, oh, right now to bring into the conversation the fact that she's been spreading aloe on her arms the whole time she's been home.

Being the observant fellow that I am I completely missed any of this so I take her at her word. Then a thought/memory struck her. Yogurt! Yes! She did learn something while in Greece! Our money was well spent! Salute!

I open the fridge and my next words were "lemon or keylime"? She chose the keylime and slathered the viscous breakfast/ointment on her arms as quickly as she could. Apparently it worked wonders for her because it even took away some of the pain.

Yogurt - Not just another snack food, uh huh. Should I ever be taken away in an ambulance on account of burns I'll recommend through my morphine-induced haze to swing by the local Tom Thumb as some lemon cream pie yogurt might come in handy right about then.

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  1. Good idea - Having your wife put yogurt on a sunburn for relief/comedic value.

    Bad idea - Applying the same principal to emergency medical situations.

    You'll have to show that picture some time. Sounds delightful. :-)