Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wherefore Art Thou... Gary?

So I'm in the back part of the production offices today doing various duplication things and I walk back to my cube and find a stickie note.
My computer is still broke. - Gary
Well, first of all that must suck for you, Gary, but second of all I have no idea who you are and third of all I wasn't aware your computer done broke itself in the first place. There is a noticable lack of contact information so I go on about my day.

I come back about half an hour later and find a second note that reads as follows:
Mitch, please call me ASAP. - Gary
Please take a moment to re-read that and tell me where the number is.

I walk over to the HR woman (who's sharp as a tack but has only been here for about a week) and she has no idea who this is. Neither do other people on the floor. So Gary, if you're reading this, let me know how I can help but remember that not giving me any bloody way to contact you is going to result in me putting a stickie note on my on monitor that reads as follows:
Not doing IT work today. Maybe not tomorrow either. - Mitch

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  1. Thanks Mitch. I think it's fixed now.