Monday, March 20, 2006

Starting Fresh of a Sorts

After the events of this weekend I found myself today in a complete writer's mood. Moods like this strike me infrequently and usually when I fail to act on them the result is several months worth of writer's block and inferiority complexes.

Take a guess as to what happened around December?

What will happen when I get home today is sitting down and cranking on my screenplay and I damn well better have pages re-written tonight or at least five brand new ones written out. Otherwise I will be most aggravated with myself. I'm trying like hell now to finish this thing off because not only am I not interested in the story anymore, but far more colorful projects have sprouted up in my head and I'm desperate to work on those.

But the goal of 2006 was focus and as such I intend to stay the course for better or worse. While the weather in Dallas was perfect to sit around and write I actually did very little because of being completely worn out from the last few weeks. The plus side was that after Noah left town the storm went with him and right now the skies are gorgeous.

This may wind up as a last will and testament because once My Fair Lady reads this then you better believe that she'll beat me over the head with it if I so much as think about straying from my original intent. Which is a very good thing, don't get me wrong, as it shows that she genuinely cares and wants me to succeed.

This actually was a topic of conversation on Friday night as we drove to our softball game (cancelled after 15 minutes of play, naturally). We talked about how some marriages are competitive in nature when they should actually be more of a partnership and we agreed that the competition was much more likely to spring up in a household of two doctors/lawyers/anything. As she will soon be an attorney and I'm in television/video production, there really is no way to accurately compare the two. Another benefit is that where I'm weak she's strong and vice versa so when we work together we compliment each other very well.

This is a roundabout way of saying I'm bloody well going to write this week if it kills me, writer's block be damned. At some point I may even finish my review of Dragon Quest VIII that I've been trying to finish for the last two weeks. But one step at a time.

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