Monday, February 27, 2006

Pwned by the Missus

So My Fair Lady and I are getting into bed tonight to read for a while prior to going to sleep. She turns off the overhead light and suddenly the room on my half mind you goes dark. Not pitch black, but a flashlight would certainly help.

"It'd be helpful to have a lamp on my side of the room, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah, we really need to get you one of those someday," she replies.

"Wait... I'm having a thought," I say.

"Don't strain your one, tiny little brain cell. I kinda like you, and don't want you to break something and stop breathing," is the curt reply.

That's two. She's allowed three in a lifetime so I'm looking at my watch right now because as soon as that third one strikes (which estimates say should be around Thursday) then all hell is going to break loose in Casa de Skim.

Translation: I'll be mocked again and sulk about it on the internet.

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