Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Lost and Found... Part Deux

According to this article at CNN, an entire Lost World has been found that's roughly the size of Rhode Island. Which means it's the equivalent of your backyard plus your neighbor's backyard. Plenty of new frogs, flora, and birds were discovered and I for one welcome our new-found Frog Overlords.

The only way this story would be cooler is if this was the second expedition sent in to retrieve the first one which disappeared under "mysterious circumstances." It's also comforting to see that Mother Nature has hidden a few gems away from prying eyes. Since she doth have a wicked sense of humor we might see one of those new found frogs to be carnivorous with a taste for wayward scientists. Which means we Americans, being the nature lovers of the world, would then firebomb the area just to be safe. Which would just anger the Frog Overlords and soon world-wide mayhem would ensue. Then again I might be overthinking this a little bit.

It's been a weird morning thus far so bear with me.

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