Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Maybe its because I'm getting older, but some movies I can't sit through. I try. I do try. But some of them are literally so bad that I just can't do it. I've seen enough movies in my time to peg the good ones and the bad ones and the mediocre ones all right from the start. I'm up for giving anything a try, but when all it does is try my patience then I shout, "Out with thee!"

"Igor" definitely tried my patience before finally exploding it.

The idea for it is great. An entire country worships a collection of mad scientists who try to one-up each other with ever increasing means of destruction. These scientists compete every year to see who is the baddest of the bad, and each scientist has an Igor for an assistant. So the question is, what happens if one of the Igor's decides to try for the title himself?

The results are scattershot to say the least. John Cusack voices Igor, and he has his own motley assortment of characters around him. One of them is a demented bunny voiced by Steve Buscemi who is, apparently, unable to die and quite bitter about that. He tries continuously to kill himself but always heals back up, which leads to some morbid running gags.

But like the rest of the film, those gags run out of steam after the second time.

Eventually Igor decides to build his own monster, and when it decides to become an actress I tuned out completely. No child is going to understand any of the "Sunset Boulevard" references let alone get why repeated suicide attempts are funny. The film (as much as I saw) is about as lifeless as the corpses Igor tries to reanimate, and the less said the better. Skip this one.

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