Friday, March 13, 2009

Achievement Unlocked Again

3 a.m. Casa de Skim. Slight rain falling outside. Everyone in the house asleep.

/sound of "Law & Order" duh-duh!

"Wait! What time is it?!?"

My Fair Lady was awake in a panic. I groggily opened my eyes, looked at the VCR which had yet to be pushed forward due to that $%^#ing time change, and swore at having to do the complicated math of adding two and one.

"Uh, three o'clock I think." I turned to go back asleep. My Fair Lady would have none of it.

"But he hasn't been fed! I never fed him! Is he alright?"

"Uh, I presume so. Haven't heard anything through the monitor yet."

This is where My Fair Lady grew persistent. Bear in mind - me asleep in the dead of night is the wrong damn time to persist in anything with me. Were the house on fire, I'd mouth off about busting out the marshmellows depending on how restful my sleep up to that point had been. And I assure you I'd had at least three hours worth of restful sleep.

"But I haven't fed him! When did you put him down?"


That's when my eyes went open as it finally registered that lil' Max had been asleep for six hours solid. I immediately leaped out of bed and raced to check on him. He was sound asleep in his crib. I stumbled back to our room.

"He's fine."

"Well I'm sure not! I'm swollen like you wouldn't believe? Dammit! I wanted to sleep through this!" With that, My Fair Lady grumbled off to go lower her excess levels. I went back to sleep.

For exactly one hour.

At 4 a.m. Max awoke for his first feeding of the night. If he does the same thing again tonight we will be so happy it boggles the mind. But you never, ever get something for free. Today he's been a pill for the most part and we think he's beginning to teethe.

But at least he's making progress on the sleep thing. Maybe at some point we will too.

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