Monday, December 11, 2006

Wallet a Gone-Gone

So My Fair Lady accompanied Yours Truly to get my hair cut on Saturday and from there we went to Lowe's to pick up a Christmas tree. Somewhere in between there my wallet grew a pair of legs and wandered off.

By mid afternoon, the few credit cards in the wallet were cancelled and the respective accounts notified that I was who I said I was and no one else was me. Now it's just a matter of getting a new driver's license and social security card issued because genius me left his SS card in his wallet. When I went to the website to print off the forms I'd need to get a new one, I found the little bon mot advising people to keep the card under lock and key someplace secure. I'm sure they envisioned a battery of machine guns pointed at it along with exploding dogs and a phalanx of dragons guarding it from theft.

Now they tell me.

I swung by the Plano DMV today and was only 300 people behind when I walked in. I waited for a bit, then took off as rumor has it the downtown location is far more accessible to those who lack the patience to queue. In the meantime, I'm studying up on a company I have to pound out a script for this week for their corporate video. They've only wanted to do this since August so naturally they wait until right now to pull the trigger. Add to that three reviews to knock out for the site and I may as well bring my pillow and blanket into the office for the rest of the week.


On the flip side, My Fair Lady is working late as well this week as she has four real estate closings by Friday. The translation being that this past weekend was the most I'll see of her for a while unless I check out the picture I have of her in my wallet....


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