Friday, November 3, 2006

We Interrupt This Program...

I realize I still haven't posted the remainder of our adventures on the cruise but writing this simple saga has turned from a blog series into a novel. I'm averaging six to seven pages per post so it's taking quite a bit longer to complete than I initially figured it would. All that aside I have several reviews and commentaries stacking up that I don't want to post in the middle of the story. Once "The Love Boat Saga" is completed I'll post everything else I've done in the meantime which should keep the content flowing for a while.

But this was too good not post immediately.

My Fair Lady called me up in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. She was anxiously awaiting the bar results for the past month so much so she'd spent the previous day hitting "refresh" repeatedly while on the state bar's website. Her call goes something like this:

MFL: "Hi, it's me. Results are out."

Yours Truly: "Okay, so what are they?"

MFL: "I haven't clicked yet. I want you on the phone with me. You ready?"

Yours Truly: *yawn* "Sure thing."

There's a brief pause on the other end of the phone followed by the sound of gasping then a slight weeping.

Yours Truly: "Hon?"

MFL: "I passed..."

We went out and partied last night which is why I haven't posted this until now. If you live in the Dallas area I highly recommend Coal Vines, a pizza/wine bar just north of downtown. Fantastic pizza and plenty of wine which My Fair Lady enjoyed plenty of.

Our respective families now have an attorney in the bloodlines. She is the first of these and ideally will be far from the last. Our families are extremely proud of her and simply could not be happier to see the results of her hard work. The indignities she has suffered to get to this point are legion and to see her pull out this final victory, even though I knew from the beginning it would happen, is vindication for everything she's been through.

So a hearty congratulations goes out to My Fair Lady whom I love and adore beyond all scope and measure. I'm proud of you beyond words, and will happily drive you to the swearing in ceremony. I might even drive the speed limit too.

Crazy times, these.

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