Monday, September 11, 2006

That's a Lotta Buns for the Moolah

My Fair Lady and I signed up for a Costco membership this past week and actually started shopping this weekend. Primarily because the particular vintage(s) of wine My Fair Lady enjoys so much were something close to half off compared to the local Centennial. Her eyes bugged out when she saw the Costco prices in much the same way mine would were I to find an Xbox 360 for about $150.

And people say that men and women are different. Pfft.

One thing that caught my eye was in the bakery. We came across hot dog buns and I noticed they were priced at $2.39. "That's comparable to Tom thumb, wouldn't you say? I asked MFL.

"Yeah, that's... wait. Look at the amount," she replied.

I scanned them quickly, then noticed what she was pointing to.

"Holy crap! That's $2.39 for 24 buns instead of eight? How have I missed this my entire life?"

In short, I'm going after Costco's buns from this point forward.

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