Thursday, May 25, 2006

Inconvenient Timing

Here's what going to E3 results in: A massive lack of sleep and time to write up all of your personal coverage. The week before, during, and after E3 absolutely kills any personal time you may have, or think you have, and this is especially true if you actually work the convention. I've seen people compare it to other things but unless you're actually there in the thick of things you have absolutely no idea of the amount of work covering that beast is.

Which is why this article at The Escapist is mandatory reading. It captures the excellent love-hate relationship veterans have for the show and the month of May in general. Everything game-wise gets announced or rolled out then instead of parceled throughout the year. As such, all of us who cover it in a professional sense dread May like the coming of a typhoon. We know it'll kick our teeth in as it does every year yet we gladly stand in the path and say, "Please sir, can I have some more?"

All of this is the long way of saying my personal life is about three weeks behind thanks just to this one week event. Now add onto that My Fair Lady's graduation from law school that same weekend, chase it with an endless series of parties, and top it off with plenty of family events and exhaustion is a kind way of describing my current frame of mind. Heck, my writing guide even called the other day to ask where I'd been and once My Fair Lady finished explaining just the short-hand version he wished us luck and hoped to see me again sometime in his life.

On the flip side, Gaming Trend has been doing very nicely thanks to all this E3 coverage. We strive for excellence and made an extremely solid showing on the floor this year with the publishers and developers so hopefully that will translate into some exclusives and such. It's nice to be a part of something for so long and see the fruits of your labors actually get noticed and respected by the industry.

As for the movie reviews here I have several I'm working on now. Some have been dazzling while others are just mediocre. Since it's sort of a slow day at the office I'm going to see if I can't knock out at least two of them today with more on the way. Here's hoping real life allows it.

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  1. God, I know that feeling. Three weeks of may are missing for me. It's like in the X-Files. I looked around and suddenly E3 was over and I had no idea where three weeks had gone.