Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oprah Pwns Back

Some people have heard and expressed interest in the non-fiction memoir A Million Little Pieces by author James Frey, though I am not one of them. Mainly because a book about the horrors of drug addiction and incarceration isn't something I'm interested in. A good thing as it turns out because The Smoking Gun recently published a multi-page expose that basically pointed out that the author was a liar.

As it turns out, he originally shopped it around as fiction but switched to non-fiction because he and the publisher felt it would sell better as a memoir. Oprah then picked it up, read it, gave it to everyone at Harpo and forced them to read it, then had the author on and praised him and the book to high heaven.

All of which bit her in the butt in a big way once the truth came out. To her credit, Oprah kicked his ass on live tv and for that alone I have to give her credit. I also don't know why I'm writing about The Big O on my blog, but hey I was thinking about it and figured I'd write up something this afternoon.

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