Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Tipping the Scales

Here is a story that goes into detail on why the world's tallest building may in fact be nothing more than a big middle finger to Mother Nature.

Apparently, she's taken it personally.

Some genius thought that a 1,667ft. building weighing in at 700,000 tons would be perfectly placed right on top of a fault line. This puts in jeopardy the construction of Sky City 1000 in Japan, a proposed vertical city which I'm sure looks a lot like Coruscant in the architects' minds. I'm also sure that the notoriously shifty tectonic plates in the region won't take too kindly to bearing the stress of a city built on top of another city.

Man's achievements are only limited by his intelligence. But sometimes Mother Nature will step in and smack his butt hard just to remind him that he's a guest in Her house. We can, and should, always reach for the stars, but if you want to build a double-decker city on top of a fault line, that's just begging for Godzilla to wake up and tear ass through Asia. I can't wait to see how the CNN commentary explains that one.

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