Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Culinary Delights at the Supermarket

Damn you Blue Bell. Damn you for teasing me with Country Vanilla oh so many moons ago. My Fair Lady grew up eating home made vanilla ice cream, which is the furthest thing Blue Bell's vanilla flavors taste like. They have Homemade Vanilla and French Vanilla, yet a few months back we stumbled onto a new flavor called Country Vanilla. Deciding to take a risk, we picked it up and tasted it when we arrived at Casa De Skim.

The lights that went off in My Fair Lady's eyes as she tasted it were so bright it was as if the sun went supernova in the middle of her brain. It tasted... like honest to goodness homemade vanilla ice cream. Of course, we immediately ate throught it all and went back for more.

As is typical, it was no where to be found. Normally I prefer the richer French Vanilla flavor, but Country Vanilla simply ruled. Wherefore art thou, oh Country Vanilla? Why hast thou forsaken me and vicariously My Fair Lady?

On the flip side, we discovered that Black Forrest roast beef and honey ham is the best meat money can buy. Growing up, My Fair Lady's family would cut French Bread up and make sandwiches out of it using fresh deli meats and cheeses. A huge benefit was brought into our marriage when she introduced this concept to me, and we've been eating them ever since. Oh sure, we alternate different meals every few days just to add some variety to the menu. But we continually go back to roast beef sandwiches with fresh deli cheese, and it's tasty as can be. We always just went with the roast beef they had out, because how many times do you actually focus on the beef beyond whether it's fresh or two days old?

As it turns out, there is a world of difference between meat products. One time when I was shopping there, the clerk asked me if I wanted to try the primo roast beef. Figuring that sampling fresh meat is never a bad thing, I tried out it. I now refuse to touch roast beef that's not Black Forest Primo. Ditto their ham. Just thought I would share tonight.

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