Thursday, June 23, 2005

Addendum + 1

As an addendum, My Fair Lady's luggage finally is in her possession once more, which elicted shrieks of joy when last she spoke to me. She promptly set fire to her old clothes and feels more like a human being again. She also had her first bit of fun on the island, which in itself is a minor miracle. At least we know not to use Olympic Airways again for travel into Greece. Instead, we'll likely fly into Turkey then paddle our way to the Grecian islands.

As for the Plus 1, I'm starting to feel at ease with my "new" car. Essentially a hand-me-up, the car I now drive is a four-door Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo which only seem to come in a beige color. I've never seen a red version of this vehicle, only the same dour light brown. A stark contrast to my car of yore, which was a purple 2-door Ford Explorer, that has been by my side for the last ten years. When I actually say that out loud, it still feels weird. Ten years I owned one vehicle, a small truck my dad won in a golf tournament, and now she's gone. She was dying a little bit each day this past year, until finally this spring she decided to randomly give up the ghost.

Every so often, but always on hot days, the car might or might not start. It was completely random too, which explained my shock when I drove to buy My Fair Lady flowers on an anniversary of ours, and then the car died after I bought the flowers. It was somewhat of an odd situation when I left her a voice mail to come pick me up at that specific corner because it would clearly tip my hand.

After a new fuel pump was put into it, the car still would randomly die. Since my sister's Jeep wouldn't pass emissions standards, I got it while she got a brand new smaller car. Ahh, balance. I do so love watching my two younger siblings be handed things while I had to work for them or do with out growing up as a teenager. My parents would correctly point out that they did take care of me when I was younger, but how did that change once I got my first job. After that, it's practically nothing for free unless I specifically ask. Annoying when the younger ones are pampered as they are, but I'm surprised my sister has actually matured to the point where she won't have them helping her out much longer.

My brother on the other hand, does so love being waited on hand and foot.

As for the car, it's driving better for me now. It helps having the entire thing cleaned out top to bottom because my sister does not tend to a car's interior with the same fervor of a butler. Having the inside clean was a breath of fresh air. Having the gear box (which holds the power steering fluid) go out, was less than such. But that's another story.

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