Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Comments Welcome

Continuing my in-depth personal analysis in an effort to evade working this afternoon, I sit here and wonder how long before anyone actually finds this corner of the web and goes so far as to make a comment. Excluding the wife, who I currently chat with via Yahoo Messenger. At the moment, she's running out to her car to grab a Coke because studying for law school finals sucks the life out of someone faster than Mathilda May in Lifeforce.

That being said, so too does an office move where everything is incumbant upon everything falling into place at the exact time. When things do not happen when they should, other things have a nasty tendency of being due RIGHT THAT SECOND which is absolutely the one time when you can do nothing but shrug and say, "Sorry dude, you're on your own."

At which point the boss would make it her mission in life to see how far up my ass a pink slip would fit. Such are the thoughts of one stuck at work with 15 minutes to go on a rainy day when he's not five minutes from home.

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